Film Friday: Burnouts

I’d be willing to bet there is not a person reading this who hasn’t done a burn out or two in their lifetime. It is a great stress reliever. For the second installment of film Friday I thought I’d post a compilation of burn outs from 24/7 videos.
slow mo muscle cars
Warning this may be hard to watch for some of our more sensitive fans. Some tires were harmed in the making of this video.
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Barry Apple Festival: Muscle Cars

Muscle cars and hot rods are kind of the meat and potatoes of the Infinite Garage diet. Whether it is the often over the top styling, bright colors, or the rumble of a great big American V8 it’s hard not to love them. I love the craftsmanship of a well built hot rod, but in this day and age there is a good deal of craftsmanship that goes into restoring or modifying a hot rod. Of course a well kept original is pretty great too. So I thought today we would look at some muscle cars.


I’ve got a little something for everyone tonight but as you can see i thought we’d start off with a late model run Road Runner. The Road Runner is one of my all time favorite cars, if not my favorite. It was hard to get a great shot of this one which looks pretty original and could use just a little light restoration. However it looks quite cool the way it is.
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Sunday Commentary

It’s Sunday and the offices of Infinite Garage have been buzzing recently. With our recent server upgrade, growth, and car show season being in full swing things are absolutely nuts around here. That’s a good thing. With a busy day behind me I thought I’d sit down and do the Sunday Commentary. So what are we looking at today? Well of course we will look ahead to the Carrollton, Illinois car show which I was at this weekend. Expect a couple articles from that and even a feature or two. We will also look back on the week that was and I will do a small rant on show room cars vs hot rods and restored cars.


The Camaro photo above is just a preview of what’s to come this week. The Carrollton show was nice with a nice mix of cars. Everything from a newer Benz to an old rat rod that was looking so perfect I’m not even sure the photos will do it justice. We will get to all that later this week though, for now read on for your Sunday Commentary.

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