The Subaru BRZ stats

With the new Subaru BRZ release just around the corner, we are finally getting some official stats.

200hp/150ft-lb 2.0L Boxer engine

2676lb curb weight

6 speed manual trans


No official pricing yet, but we would expect that to come during the winter show season.  Rumor is it will be somewhere in the mid 20k dollar range.  Most of the BRZ’s competition is priced below 25k so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the BRZ land in that range.

The all new Subaru BRZ

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C.A.R says white collar jobs costing big three more then UAW workers.

A recent report by the Center for Automotive Research has shown that the big three are now paying more to white collar workers than to hourly wage earners.

The statistics show that the 66,000 salaried white collar workers make 8 billion a year, while the nearly 115,000 blue collar hourly workers make 7.9 billion in wages.  There have been signs that the next round of cost cutting measures may come from the white collar types.

For more information on the Center for Automotive Research check out CAR’s website.

Hennessey Venom GT spider announced

In case you missed it, and I’m guessing you might have, Hennessey has announced they will build a few spider versions of their Venom GT.  You can check out the Venom GT over at Hennessey’s website.  I’m sure they will have details on the spider up soon.  Get in line now though, because it’s going to be exclusive with only five made and with a hefty price tag of 1.1 million dollars each.

Intake theory, the very basics. PART I

The intake system on a car is often one of the most restrictive parts of the system, yet one of the most overlooked.  The intake itself is usually replaced, but the rest of the system goes untouched.  The result is usually a minimal or zero gain in horsepower and money wasted.  What I hope to do here, in this discussion, is just touch on other areas where attention needs to be paid, in order to ensure you are getting the most out of your engine.

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