What does a Hellcat sound like. Let’s find out.

When a big American auto maker brings out an awesomely powerful new car well we are all over it. Heck we still do a Stingray post here and there. The 2015 Mustang also gets plenty of attention and we’ve had to have done a half dozen models on the most over priced Camaro ever… The Z/28. Now it’s Dodge’s turn for me to run their news into the ground. New Mopar is exciting to me and we have lots of loyal fans who are Mopar enthusiasts as well. While I’ve been accused of playing favorites to the Mopar brand I’d like to think everything gets it’s fair shake here. It’s not our fault Dodge has the coolest stuff. Ok I’ll stop.
You might be thinking to yourself. What does this new 600hp hulking piece of American whoop ass sound like. We’ll we were too and we’ve got video. I gotta worn you it’s not what you think it will sound like. In a very good way. The Challenger is already the best sounding car on the road. Now add supercharger. Hit the jump for the videos.

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Old School Hand Lettering – Film Friday

Before vinyl there was hand lettering and gold leaf. ┬áCheck out this great video of┬áDan DeLaney (aka Dan the Sign Man) talking about his method and inspiration before spending 6 days making a ’72 Vega funny car into a work of art.

Film Friday: Burnouts

I’d be willing to bet there is not a person reading this who hasn’t done a burn out or two in their lifetime. It is a great stress reliever. For the second installment of film Friday I thought I’d post a compilation of burn outs from 24/7 videos.
slow mo muscle cars
Warning this may be hard to watch for some of our more sensitive fans. Some tires were harmed in the making of this video.
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When dyno pulls go wrong

We’ve made it to Friday and I hope your week was a little less hectic then mine. I’m ready for a good Friday, watch a few videos, sit on the deck, look at the river, and enjoy a few drinks for my Friday evening. In the mean time most of us still have work to get through and while I have to man the office things are thankfully a bit slow today. This gives me time to post a few videos I’ve wanted to get posted for a while now.
tire blown
Just in case you are wondering I have tons of photos left from the Loafer’s show. I just have to get through them and process them. I’d expect more of those early next week. Ok, on to that video. Hit the jump and see what happens when a car on the dyno has a bad day.
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How the IIHS captures crash test video

Have you ever wondered how the IIHS captures crash test video? No? Me either. However once I saw it I was interested. It turns out there’s a lot more to it then just smashing a nice new car into something really solid.
There is some specialty light super slow mo cameras and all sorts of cool gadgetry that goes into making one of these videos. We just happen to have a video on how they make that sort of video.
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