Old Challenger vs New Challenger

It’s a question as old as time itself. What’s better an old car or a new car? Honestly it doesn’t matter but it’s fun to see videos like this. Now let’s be clear on a couple things. First the driver of the new Challenger sucks. Could be new to the car, new to the track, or just struggling putting the torque through the stock tires. Second that old Challenger is far from stock. The winner here really is everyone because this is two pretty sweet cars doing what cars like this were made to do. Be driven hard! Either car would be welcomed to my garage.

Music to your ears: Ferrari 312PB

The fellows over at Petrolicious are kind of my automotive journalistic heroes. They get to do amazing things. Like record one of the coolest racers ever. The Ferrari 312PB. In the days when Ferrari still went prototype racing Ferrari was producing some amazing noise makers. The 312PB maybe the most amazing of them all.
For long time readers of IG it’s no secret that sound is as much important to me as speed. Speed can be used on rare occasions, sound on the other hand, well with the right car you can give the neighbors an internal combustion symphony any time of day.

The 312PB was of course made for racing and it’s V12 sings a sweet song. Hit the jump for the full video.
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Corvette C7 Stingray Top Speed attempt

Ah my old friend the Corvette. The C7 still gets me going even with the new Hellcat Challenger scratching my Mopar itch. If I had to confess I’d say I really was not much of a Corvette fan. That is until the C6 came along and the C7 just cranked the C6 up to 11 so it’s pretty cool too. Sometimes in the dead of the night when everyone including the dog has gone to bed I sit up late scouring the internet for videos of cool cars. Today I found a short but fun video of the new Vette making an attempt at a top speed run. Unfortunately it runs out of runway so we will never know what a Stingray convertible can top out at. Ok I’m sure we already know but I thought it was a fun video if for anything to get a look at that sweet digital dash and hear some noise.

Junkyard Cuda

The guys at Motor Trend don’t really need me to pimp their videos here on IG. They have nearly unlimited funds and all the fans in the world so you might be asking why show one of their videos. Well, it’s cool that’s why. They find an old Cuda, spruce it up a little. (Very little) and race with it. It’s all part of their roadkill series which is pretty good usually.
It’s a full episode so if you only have a minute or two you might want to wait until later. However it’s a fun watch so hit the jump and enjoy.
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Porsche 911 lap at Spa. Balls of Steel

What happens when you mix a Porsche 911 with Spa? Awesome, that’s what. For those of you who aren’t fans of road course racing Spa is a legendary track in Belgium. With huge elevation changes, fast, and slow corners it’s a real drivers track. We have some pretty neat in car footage of a 911 tackling the beast and it gets hairy at times but the sites and sounds are so cool.
Hit the jump and enjoy.
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