370Z Synchro-Rev

If, like me, you’ve spent years honing your heel-toe technique on mountain passes and tight roads, you’ll know the pain that I do of getting into a manual car with someone who is having a real hard go and ignoring heel-toe on downshifts.

It just feels wrong and regardless of how much you might trust this person’s driving, it brings out the irresistible urge to tell them to take the passenger seat instead.

Nissan may have come to the rescue on this one, with a system called Synchro-Rev, which is standard equipment in manual 370Zs.

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This is the first in a series of light technical articles by Michael Adams. We will endeavour to post at least one of these per week. If you have a specific topic or car component that you’d like to see discussed / explained, please let us know.

If you’ve been following the V8 Supercar Car of the Future information the way I have, you may have noticed that one of the changes being made in 2013 is the introduction of a Transaxle unit to the car. Unsure of what a transaxle is or what it does? Keep reading.

The Transaxle is actually a relatively simple concept and a humble component development. The name of it basically gives the game away, with “Trans” from transmission and “axle” from axle. Pretty clever, hey?

To put it simply, a Transaxle is the combination of the gearbox, differential and drive axle(s) into one unit. But why would you do such a thing in the first place? What’s the point of combining them?

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