Sunday Commentary: you thought I forgot again

It appears as if the last thing I will do this weekend is write the Sunday Commentary. Another busy week for me kept too much from getting done here at IG but we did manage to have a pretty decent week. The weather seems to finally be getting better here in the Midwest although the forecast is for snow showers over night. I am not too concerned with them as the weather gets back to decent later in the week. We are now less than a month away from the first big show of the year in my area and it is about time. In fact my calender has filled up nicely in the last week and it looks to be a good year for what we do here.
One of the things I’m wondering how to implement in IG this year is video. I’ve stocked up on some video gear, software, and mounts now I just need to sweet talk some people into letting me film their car. In theory it’s easy. There are millions of videos on the internet with cars. Reality is much much harder. So we will see how that goes. Worst case scenario I will get some cool out of car shots at the shows. We will see. In the mean time let’s take a look back at the week that was here at IG.
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Sunday Commentary:

I’m writing this Sunday Commentary on the brink of Monday. It’s late here in the Midwest and my action packed weekend kept me away from IG for most of it. Being Sunday and seeing as spring is showing itself here in the Midwest I hope you were able to go out for a drive. I did a lot of driving this weekend and it felt amazing to get out. Soon the roads will be filled with classic cars, hot rods, and customs cruising to let off a little steam. The sooner the better I say.


The week at IG was filled with new car news and some cool video. From Camaros to Corvettes and more in our 2>4 series. In the week to come we will have some racing recaps and who knows what surprises in store. Until we get ahead of ourselves let’s take a look back at the week that was.
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Sunday Commentary: Hope Springs eternal.

This week’s Sunday Commentary is coming to you a bit later than normal if for no other reason but it has been a busy day. Busy week in fact. I am glad to stay my car event schedule is filling up quite nicely with the first get together only a few weeks away. I am very ready for that to happen. Finally I can get back to posting original content here and not just doing news or race recaps. You are ready for that as well.


With one more week of March behind us we should take a look back at the week that was. Racing, more racing, a classic test drive, and some fine art filled the pages of IG this week. There should be something for everyone.
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Sunday Commentary: Phil Collins can shut up anytime now

There is a an old Phil Collins song where the lyrics say “I wish it would rain down.” Well he got his wish here on an later winters weekend where it seems every place a major automotive race is occurring it is also raining. Why does Phil Collins hate racing? I suppose the rain delay at Bristol is a good thing. If the race were on I certainly would not be getting any work done. However the rain continues to fall so here I am cranking out the Sunday Commentary. The F1 GP of Australia also saw rain this weekend. While the GP only got some sprinkles, downpours made qualifying rather interesting. I hear Reno will have a full recap of Australia later this week. While I’ve got Nascar duty. They will get the race in soon so never fear.


We had another short week this week. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s going to be this way until car show season heats up. I’ve heard from several of you asking what the deal is with the short weeks here at IG and quite frankly my plate is over flowing. Without getting into details my day job is taking up a lot of time, a side business of mine is taking off, and winter is keeping any car fun at a minimum. Soon though we will return to glory with full weeks of awesome cars. I only sleep a few hours a night any way so I’ll fit it all in somewhere. In the mean time lets do the week in review and look forward to the coming week where we will have a lot of race coverage, some cool cars, and maybe even some new car news.
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Sunday Commentary: Slow week

If you have been tuning in all week you know things were a bit slow around here. It is the reality of late winter. I’ve exhausted most of my photos from last year and there is nothing new going on for a little while yet. Trust me no one wants to be busy editing photos and writing articles more than me but that’s the breaks of winter. The good news is my show schedule is filling up quite nicely.


I did manage to churn out an article or two this week. One of them I am even told was quite funny. I do have a few more things lined up for next week so hopefully it gets a little more active on the posting front. In the mean time let’s do the review.
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