The Tony Stewart Incident

I was having a discussion today with someone about the Tony Stewart incident and I wished I had a place to vent about it. Turns out I do still own this website so I can do it here. I find it interesting that most racing fans and racers seem to side with Tony. Meaning there is no way he intentionally hit that guy. Of course he didn’t, no decent human would. However, I’m hearing a lot of none race fans saying things like “he has a reputation for being aggressive,” and “he does intentionally wreck people.” Of course he does. He’s a race car driver. That’s what race car drivers do. Well at least the good ones. All the greats, #3, Schumi, Senna, etc all were known to be giant assholes on the track. That’s how you win races, by showing no mercy and taking any advantage you can get.

I guess I could post the video, but you’ve seen it at this point and I’m not going to post a video of some guy getting killed. That’s not my thing. It’s a very sad that Ward was killed. Clearly he was a talented young driver but he made a very big mistake and it cost him his life. I hate that it happened but to blame anyone but Ward is just looking for someone to blame. We learn at a very young age not to go out into traffic. The race track certainly is no exception. It’s possible this young driver learned that behavior from Smoke himself seeing as Stewart has been known to throw a massive conniption fit after being wrecked. This has led to him going on track and throwing his helmet at passing drivers. No matter how Ward learned the behavior a young driver is needlessly dead, but let’s not rush to blame Tony Stewart.

SRT Motorpsorts is bringing sexy back

Back when Vipers ruled the world of racing there was one particular livery that stood out from the pack. Viper red with white racing stripes. A look as timeless as the Viper itself. Since those days racing Vipers have taken many different looks. They looked cool and all but none as cool. as the classic red and white. Today SRT Motorsports announced that the Vipers will once again dawn the awesome Red and white combo.
SRT motorsports viper
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!
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Celebrating 50 years of the Hemi at the Hemi Challenge

We’ve told you about the 50th anniversary of the Hemi before. The legendary motor which is now older then your average American continues it’s year long birthday celebration. Mopar has decided to hold a special anniversary for the Hemi Challenge this year at Indianapolis.
Winner gets a $15,000 prize. More details and photos after the jump.
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A measure of the Man: behind the scenes of a pit stop

The pit stop is an integral part of any racing series. In series like Nascar and Formula 1 the pit stop takes mere seconds before the car is off speeding back towards the track. These seconds can cost a team the win. That is why crews train vigorously to ensure they perform as good as the cars do on the track.
f1 pit stop
Ferrari has put together a short video of their team working to improve their pit stops. A good deal of training, then testing is implemented to make sure those doing the pit stops are in top notch shape. It takes 22 men to orchestrate a pit stop in F1. Check out the video after the jump on how they train to get it an F1 pit stop done in under 3 seconds.
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20 Years, Where’d they go?

Ayrton Senna earned his place in history long before his death, but as often is the case when someone dies young, especially in their prime that legend grows and runs deeper with each passing year. It has been 20 years since the great Ayrton Senna was killed in an accident. On that fateful May Day in 1994 Senna was leading the Grand Prix of San Marino at Imola when something went wrong with steering of the car. Senna was killed the final casualty of an already deadly weekend. Earlier that weekend Roland Ratzenburger would also lose his life in qualifying and a horrific crash would injuring Rubens Barrichello.
Like a lot of young Formula One fans Senna was my favorite driver. He dominated on the track. His passion and desire to win like all great champions saw him push the line of clean racing. His competitors hated him, his fans loved him. From Brazil Senna was a champion of the poor and often worked to fight against poverty. As a testament to Senna as a person over 3 million people lined the streets of Sao Paulo for his funerals motorcade.

Senna’s death would change F1. All future tracks were designed differently. Crash barriers were improved and run off areas increased. Also equipment and car designs were improved for safety. Ayrton Senna was the last death on an F1 track.

It’s been 20 years since Sennas pasting and judging by my Facebook feed I was not the only fan of Senna growing up.