One off tribute to Carroll Shelby

Ford Motor Company, Shelby American, Ford Racing and others are paying tribute to the late Carroll Shelby with a one off 2013 GT500 Cobra. Appropriately the car was unveiled at Monterrey where this years feature cars were Shelby.

The car comes with a Ford Racing 4.0L whipple supercharged engine that makes 850hp and put’s it down through 345 tires. The car comes with Willwood brakes, a new hood, widebody kit, and Gaurdsmen blue with Wembledon white racing stripes. Or as it’s more known Shelby White and Blue.

The car will tour the nation at various events this year and then be auctioned off for charity.

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Fiat 500 turbo, 135hp, $20,000

I get press releases every day in my inbox with new car prices and all sorts of things from the auto makers. My job is to weed through it and find the interesting stuff and then try and regurgitate it in a not so boring and dry way. One trend I always find funny is how the automakers send me that a car is $19,995! that’s right under $20,000! Well only in the marketing world is that under $20,000 because your average person with a first grade education knows that after taxes, title, license, and dealer fees you are well over $20,000.

That brings us to the Fiat 500 turbo. Fiat had the challenge of keeping the hotted up version of the 500 under the Abarth’s price tag, horsepower, and fun factor, but still filling the big gap between the base model and the Abarth. It seems they’ve figured it out by de tuning the 1.4L turbo engine to make 135hp and priced the car at $20,000.

You will get quite a bit for your money, with an upgraded suspension, better brakes, and a premium sound system which makes me wonder if the turbo might be a better deal then the Abarth?

No matter which hot Fiat you choose you’ll get a fun little package in a not so terrible expensive price range. After the jump is the full press release from Fiat.

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McLaren 12C Can-Am edition

We haven’t done much on super cars as of late, quite frankly it’s not a huge area of interest for me because there are so few of them and I much prefer the craftsmanship and hard work of a classic hot rod or muscle car then the cold calculated engineering of a super car. That’s not to say super cars aren’t cool though. They certainly are and you can not argue with the amazing performance.

Pictured above is the latest of the super cars the McLaren 12C Can-Am which of course is based on the worst named car of all time the MP4-12C. So what do you get with the 12C Can-AM? You get tons of new body work including a giant wing for downforce, lots of carbon fiber and a pretty cool orange and satin black paint job. Inside you get more racing goodies like race seats, six point harnesses, a roll cage, and a race inspired steering wheel.

You’ll get the same engine as the road going McLaren but power is up 13hp to 630. The big thing here is the reduced weight down to 2,645lbs which is quite lithe for a modern super car.

Here’s the catch, McLaren has no plans to actually produce the car as it doesn’t meet any racing series specs and no one would want to drive it at the road. So it’s basically a design exercise. Either way it’s worthy of a mention here as it’s pretty cool.

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Jackson Racing supercharger kit for the Honda CR-Z

The CR-Z has all the right makings of a tuner car. It’s reasonably priced, light weight, decent looking, and being a Honda will have huge aftermarket support. The one problem that keeps coming up is that it’s quite sluggish. It’s 138hp 1.5l engine just isn’t up to the task of having fun. Of course it wasn’t made for fun but made for sipping fuel something it does nicely. So the guys over at Jackson Racing have you covered on the fun part.

For $3,995 ok let’s call it $4000 you can have yourself a bolt on blower that will up to the power to 190hp and 160ft-lbs which should be more then enough to put a smile on your face in the little CR-Z. If you are worried about emissions don’t worry it’s CARB legal. Right now the system is only available for the manual transmission cars and you’ll want a clutch upgrade if you plan to actually have some fun but other wise it’s a straight forward install.

Hit the jump for the full press release and some pics.
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