Forza Horizon: What We Know So Far

For years there has been talk of an open world Forza game and this just may be it. Earlier this weekend a “teaser” was leaked for Forza Horizon which is a new game to be released later this year.

As you can see the trailer doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but what we do see are Porsches. Now….. let’s not get ahead of ourselves because this is just a teaser but could this mean Porsche fans’ long Forza nightmare is over and we might finally get more of the fabled German cars in the next installment?

Ok, back to what we do know. An interview with Sebull who is responsible for Forza Horizon is telling us that Microsoft has decided they need a Forza every year instead of two. So, Sebull will take the even years, and T10 the odd years. They also hint that the T10 games will remain the same Forza we know and love while they are pretty mum on what we will see from Sebull. We are told tomorrow at GDC Forza Horizon will be officially unvieled. Now we don’t know if that means we will get details tomorrow or just the video posted above officially revealed. As we learn more you can bet I-G will be on top of it.

Sources: analoghype