Is Road America Coming to Forza Motorsports 5? Photographic evidence

While rooting around on the leaderboards for Forza Motorports 5 it seems players have discovered something. Looks like Road America may be coming to the series.


I’m sure some will be disappointed that the Nurburgring currently is not on the list but Road America is great and if the leaderboard page is true it looks like new variations could be included. We’ll keep you in tune.

Forza Motorsports 5: Honda Legends Car Pack

Forza Motorsports 5 has been taking a hammering from the press, fans, and former fans for the latest installment in the series. The general consenses is it’s good, but incomplete and that has ruffled some feathers. To make matters worse it seems T10 just can’t seem to get their house in order with bungled dlc releases, lack luster car packs, and tons of bugs that haven’t been fixed. However T10 does seem to be trying to right the ship. Today brings another DLC pack a big content update and the Honda Legends Pack. All of which are good news.

honda car pack

This is all big happy news. What you get with the Honda pack is three cars for FREE! The 1984 Honda Civic CRX Mugen, the 1994 Honda Prelude SI, and the 2014 Honda Civic SI. All very cool welcome additions to the game. I take this as a bit of an act of contrition by T10 to it’s loyal fans. Many of whom are feeling pretty scorned as of late. Let’s hope this is a step in the right direction for everyone leading to more updates and a better fan/dev relationship heading into FM6 which should debut in 2015.

Other updates in today’s pack include:
Multiplayer replays
aero damage now fixed in the pits
working drag racing tree. (don’t confuse this for a realistic drag mode. It’s not)

Today is a good day for the Forza community with all those welcome updates. Hit the jump for the Honda pack video.
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Review: Forza Motorsports 5

We love racing simulators and in fact Infinite Garage was largely born because of Forza Motorsports. So in a way we owe a lot to the series. One winter night a few years ago myself, Reno, and some of the other IG contributors were all sitting in a Forza Motorsports 3 lobby talking about reviewing cars. Well a few conversations and a big what the heck later IG was born. We’ve come a long way since then. However we still play the Forza Motorsports series regularly. When the newest installment Forza Motorsports 5 came out I just had to give it a shot.

sam posey rear
Chances are if you have any interest in the Forza series you have already read about Forza 5, but most of the reviews out there are from a gamer’s perspective. I’m not a gamer. I’m a car guy who likes racing simulators so I think I may have a different take.
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In The UK, Costco Offers A Full-Size F1 Simulator

Have you ever wanted a life-size F1 simulator? Yeah, me too. Well today that dream is a little bit closer to reality with the news that Costco will be offering them. Unfortunately, they’re only available in the UK with a price tag of $136,000.
f1 simulator

You’ll get a cockpit, brakes, tires, and three LCD screens powered by an Intel I7 processor. It appears these will not be sold in stores. Those wanting to purchase one will have to buy it and then wait 12-18 weeks for delivery. When IG moves into it’s new office (and wins the lotto), we’ll have to consider one of these for the lobby.

Source: engadget

Movie Review: The Hot Rod Gang

The Hot Rod Gang is a fairly obscure movie from 1958 exemplifying a bit of a romanticized look back at hot rodding, rock n roll, and street racing in the area. Featuring John Ashley, Judy Fair, and Gene Vincent the movie is a somewhat typical bad guy street racing on run from the law movie.

the hot rod gang

Featuring bad acting, corny lines, some fairly stereotypical scenes of 1950s life on the surface The Hot Rod Gang is not a great movie. I’d compare it to the Fast and the Furious. It has all the same characteristics. It’s a been goofy, and you’ll laugh at some of it, but then there are the cars.

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