Forza 6, what we know so far

Hey look I’m not dead! As you have noticed I haven’t had much time to update the old Infinite Garage page here much. Real life gets in the way of fun sometimes. I still hope to get out to a bunch of shows this summer and do my usual thing there will just be less of it unfortunately as there just isn’t enough time.

The topic at hand today is Forza Motorsports 6. Now I know a lot of you guys aren’t gamers but a lot of you guys are and if you are like myself and the other cast here at IG you play games for racing simulators. That’s where Forza 6 comes in. In fact IG started with Forza Motorsports and that’s how this entire crew got together. That’s the power of the world we live in today. Guys all across the world can come together with something they love and become good friends. Heck they can even start a website about cars!
So Forza 6. What we know so far is it looks good, it sounds ok, it will have 450 cars at launch and 26 track locations. Follow the jump for the track locations and cars that we know about so far.
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The Nurburgring comes to Forza Motorsports 5 today for FREE!

The T10 goodwill continues with the Nurburgring heading to the Forza Motorsports 5. It’s out today and it’s free! You gotta love free. Recreated in laser scanned excellents the Nawsome will be in full HD glory for your racing pleasure.
You will get three ribbons of track. The Nurburgring Ring test track which is 14 miles or so long. The GP track, and the combined track. The Ring is called “The Green Hell” for a reason. Now you too can swear at the German countryside in full HD. Five cars will also be included in the pack.
1989 Audi #4 Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO

1967 Brabham BT24

2013 Ford Formula Ford EcoBoost 200

1939 Maserati 8CTF

1956 Lotus Eleven

Productivity everywhere will surely go to hell this week as we all tackle the Ring. See you at the track.

Forza Motorsports 5 June DLC: Bondurant Car Pack

Since the inception of Forza Motorsports 5 fans have asked for the C7 Corvette. Finally Turn 10 comes through in the June DLC pack. The Bondurant Car Pack will feature 10 cars from various walks of the automobile world.
This months list included:
Corvette Stingray C7
Infiniti Dalara IPS Indy Light
Alfa Romeo SZ Zagato
Bentley Continental GT Speed
Fiat X1/9
Mazda MX5 Cup
Mini John Cooper Works GP
1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
Pontiac Solstice GXP
Abarth Fiat 131
Official Trailer after the jump.
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Mustang Sculptures

To many of us cars are works of art. From the classic lines of a 250 Ferrari to a modern day muscle car such as the Dodge Challenger beauty can be found in most cars. The Ford Mustang is no doubt a work of art to many. It’s a timeless design that captured the imagination of the young and old alike. Now a U.K. based sculptor named Robin Bark has decided to make art from Mustangs.
These sculptures capture the soul and passion of the 1965 fastback Mustang. Many consider it to be one of the all time great car designs.
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Long Beach coming to Forza Motorsports 5 for free

The apology train keeps rolling on with Turn 10. They seem to be doing all they can to win back their loyal fans after the debacle that was Forza 5. By adding new tracks for free they certainly are doing a lot to bring those who left back into the fold. You may not be familiar with Long Beach unless you are an Indy car fan or a gangsta rapper but now you can familiarize yourself with the track in glorious laser scanned detail.