The VW Beetle 65 Years in the US

The VW Beetle is timeless with a following as fervent as any other car out there. It would probably be more appropriate for our own Reno to be writing this article but he is probably busy pushing his own Beetle up a hill so I’ll take the reins here. Everyone has a Beetle story. The first time you road in one, the first time you saw one, so on and so forth. A Beetle is always bound to put a smile on your face. With a huge aftermarket and following each can be made as unique as their owner desires.
Of course in the last decade VW decided the world needed a new Beetle. That car was pretty terrible but never the less it did sell although not like the original. Below is a bit of Beetle history and tons of pics.
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Future Classic: The GMC Syclone

We aren’t exactly truck people here at Infinite Garage unless of course it’s a 57 Chevy truck or maybe a classic Ford. However by the 1990s trucks were pretty damn boring. Except for one, the GMC Syclone. A special edition hotted up truck based on the GMC Sonoma. With the soul of a muscle car the Syclone was limited production, high performance, and that makes it a future classic.

GMC Syclone by dave_7, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  dave_7 

So let’s hit the jump and take a look at what makes the GMC Syclone a Future Classic.
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Future Classic: Terminator Cobra

The Terminator Cobra is the stuff of legends, you take a Mustang, have the wizards at SVT work it over and the result is an icon of the early 2000s. The Terminator is a 2003/04 Ford Mustang Cobra that was produced back when SVT was still making the Cobras. It’s the baddest of the SVT Cobras. We think it is a future classic because they did not make a whole lot of them, just 19,140 Cobras where made. Aside from the relatively low number they were quick from the factory with 390hp and some of the best drivers running a mid 12 second quarter mile. It is certainly worth taking a closer look at so let’s do that and see just why we think the 2003/2003 Terminator Cobra is a future classic.
20013 Mustang Cobra

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