Driven: Corvette Z06

The Z06 Vette is kind of a big deal. When it launched in 2005 it was a world beater. It was impossible to find anything short of half million dollar super cars that could perform like it. At that time the Z06 would run you around $62,000 which is an absolute steal for this much performance. Even today some seven years later the Z06’s performance can only be matched a handful of cars and only one under $100,000. So what’s it like to drive?

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Test Drive: 2012 Kia Optima

Kia isn’t the first car brand I thought of when I decided to start a website where I’d hoped to do some car testing, however as I’ve said before I’ll take what I can get at this early stage of the site. The Kia Optima is not exactly high on my list of cars I’d like to own or even drive for that matter but maybe spending some time in one could change my mind. So I decided to try one out for a bit and see if my pre conceived notions of the Koreans could be changed.

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Driven: Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

For 2012 Mercedes updates the E63 AMG with some new styling cues, a new engine, and that same old AMG awesomeness that makes us love these cars. Gone is the old 6.3L engine (actually a 6.2) and in is a 5.5L bi turbo torque monster. The new engine featuring direct injection makes 518hp in standard form but with the optional sport package you’ll get 550hp thanks to a bump in boost from 14.8 to 18.9 psi. You’ll also get a big kick in the pants in the torque curve bringing it up to 590lb-ft that comes in right at 2000 RPMs. The E63 comes equip with AMGs 7 speed automatic transmission featuring a wet clutch as opposed to a torque converter. You can shift with paddles behind the steering wheel or let the car do it for you.

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Driven: The Kia Sorento

Admittedly the Kia Sorento isn’t exactly the coolest and most desirable car out there but we can’t drive Lamborghini’s every day unfortunately. Not to mention most of you out there drive normal cars too and maybe you actually care what we think about them. Ok I doubt that but we will drudge on. This isn’t a test drive per se or a review but more of a quick driving impression.

When you are a small fish in a big sea like we are here at IG you sometimes take your test drives any way you can get them. In this case I met up with a friend who just bought a 2012 Sorento and she let me drive it to lunch.

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Car Comparison : A6 vs 535i vs XF

(Photos to come later)
We recently tested 3 luxo-mobiles priced in the $115k – $130k(plus options) Aussie dollar mark in the Upper Yarra Valley of Victoria. Here’s our impressions of them.

The 3 vehicles we have assembled are the Audi A6 3.0TFSI, the BMW 535i and, as something of a wild card entry, Jaguar’s XF Luxury.

We also wanted to pit these three against an E-Class Merc, but couldn’t obtain a test car in time for the comparison.

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