V35 Nissan Skyline 300GT Sedan


Hi, Pistolpig, Infinite-Garage’s resident Aussie car tester here, bringing you another car review from down-under. This time, it’s a car that some of our U.S. readers are used to seeing garnished with Infiniti badges. It’s the V35 Nissan Skyline sedan.

These come in 2.5L, 3.0L and 3.5L engine capacities. We tested in 300GT form, which means the mid-range 3.0L variety.

In Japan, this was the 11th generation Skyline and a very controversial one, thanks to a wild departure from previous Skylines in looks, technology and feel. Here are our impressions of that car.

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Deuce and a Half Road Test

Why not road test a Deuce and a Half army truck? That was my thinking as I hauled sand to fight the flood of 2013. The day was long, hot, loud, and dirty so to pass the time I thought what the heck. this will be a great road test and hopefully a laugh for everyone.

The Deuce and a Half is called a Deuce and Half because of it’s weight. It’s technically a medium duty truck but I assure you it is a work horse. It’s six wheel drive configuration will go any where and our tester equipped with the Cat 3116 diesel has more lugging power then two teams of oxen. Our deuce came in convertible form but for the life of me I can not figure out why. So for the fourth of July as a celebration of the birth of this great nation I thought just for fun maybe I’d review something different. Continue reading “Deuce and a Half Road Test”

Review of Adam’s Total Interior Cleaner

The quest for the perfect car care products seem never ending and that is because there is always a latest and greatest. Today’s attempt at finding that is from a company I have held in high regard for a very long time, Adam’s. So when a new product is released I try generally take notice and give it a go. Adam’s Total Interior Detailer was no exception. I saw they were offering an introductory kit and I jumped on it to try it out.

Adam's TID
Full disclosure, I paid full on retail for Adam’s Total Interior Detailer and I intend to give it the best unbiased review possible. Although I am a long time customer of Adam’s I have no affiliation with them and would not put the reputation of Infinite Garage at risk which myself and my crew have put a huge amount of effort into building. So what follows is an honest unbiased review.

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