2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition

Well, the boys and girls at Mitsubishi have screwed together a final edition of the Lancer Evolution. The drumroll has been played and there’ll be no more evolving of this species.2016_Lancer_Evolution_FE_20

In 1993, Mitsubishi made a decision that now seems obvious in hindsight. They moved the engine and drivetrain from their all-wheel-drive rally hero, the Galant VR4, into the smaller and lighter body of the Lancer. In the process, they created a sensation. Both on the rally stage and on the road.

As the years went by, the Evolution lived up to its name, it evolved. The car went through many changes as time went by. Technologies were added, changed and removed, engines were turned around 180 degrees and the base car supplying the bodyshell even changed a couple of times.

Impressive highlights of the Evolution’s evolution include the straight-line stonk of the Evo III (thanks 16G Turbocharger), the corner exit speed of the Evo IV GSR (introduction of Active Yaw Control), the raw, brutal, racecar-like abilities of the Evo VI.5 Makinen Edition, and the melding of livability with outright handling in the Evo VIII.

In 2007, the latest (and now last ever) Mitsubishi Evo iteration hit the road with the X.


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2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint

“Kick her in the guts Barry! She’s the last of the V8s”. A classic line delivered in the dystopian Mad Max. A line that references a supercharged V8 Falcon. The last one in fact. When it was originally written, it posed a far flung future in which Aussie muscle cars were celebrated for their rarity. Well, with Holden and Ford both set to close their doors, we’re here now.

So how does the reality live up to the fiction? Answer : This is the best V8 Falcon ever.


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BMW M4 and M3 photos

BMW says they make the ultimate driving machine. I don’t know about that. The fact of the matter is BMW’s have gotten quite fat, more luxurious, and a bit poserish to be blunt. That is not to say they aren’t great cars, and that some of their owners are not great car guys. It would be foolish to say other wise, but like with most companies the marketing outpaces the actual product sometimes. There is no doubt that once upon a time the BMW M3 was at the top of the heap in terms of driving characteristics but let’s not kid ourselves. BMW these days pipes in fake exhaust noise into the cabin. That’s pretty lame. In fact it’s so lame that it probably disqualifies the cars from being cool.
Still there is some fun to be had here with the M3 and M4. You may remember that BMW decided to split the 3 series into two numbers. The 3 would be a sedan, and the 4 coupes. Making what was once the legendary M3 coupe and M4. I’m sure there is some serious marketing thought behind that whole move and I’m not going to begin to tackle it. I think it’s another sign of BMW pandering to the suburbs which is just all a bit douchey for my liking.
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Photos from the 2013 Jacksonville Cruise Night Car Show

Finally we return to Jacksonville. A city famous for….well for the big Ferris wheel in the park. Jacksonville was always a car town when I was younger. We’d go there and cruse some times, meet new people, see cars we hadn’t seen. Like a lot of car towns a few bad apples ruined it for everyone and the cruising was stopped by the police. Fortunately for one weekend out of the year the cruising lives on with Cruise Night. Certainly not unique to Jacksonville but it was my first experience as a young kid with a huge car event. I must have been 8 or 10 years old the first time my Dad took me there and it was awesome. I try to go back every chance I get.

Other obligations got in the way of actually going to the Cruise Night event however I did manage to hit the car show the follows the next day. The weather was great and the turn out pretty big. There was something for everyone. So hit the jump for more.
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